Size guide

All measurements, unless otherwise indicated, are displayed in cm

Bed Sets Duvet cover Pillowcase
SE Baby Bed Set 70×80 35×28
SE Junior Bed Set 100×130 55×35
SE Adult Bed Set 150×210 60×50
EU Baby Bed Set 90×120 45×35
EU Junior Bed Set 100×140 40×60
EU Adult Bed Set 140×200 70×50
DK Baby Bed Set 70×100 45×40
DK Junior Bed Set 100×140 45×40
DK Adult Bed Set 140×200 63×60
SE Pillowcase 50×60  
EU Pillowcase 50×70  
GL Pillowcase 50×90  
Fitted Sheets    
SE Junior Fitted Sheet 60x120x20  
EU Junior Fitted Sheet 70x140x20  
Adult Fitted Sheet 90x200x30  
Crib Bumper    
Thick Bumper 360x30x1.5  
Light Bumper 360x30x0.7  
Baby Pod    
Baby Pod 35x65x16 0-8 months
Sleeping Bag    
Sleeping Bag 70x50x35 0-9 months
Swaddle Blanket    
Swaddle Blanket 110×110  
Double Bed Quilt 160×260  
Single Bed Quilt 140×200  
Filled Blanket  (Percale) 90×120  
Filled Quilt (Muslin) 100×140  
Bed Cover 120×180  
Mellow S 110×110  
Mellow M 130×170  
Mellow L 160×260  
Ollie Blanket 80×120  
Crochet Blanket 70×100  
Chevron Blanket 80×120  
Waffle Blanket 100×140  
Tartan Blanket 130×170  
Baby Pillow 28×35  
Junior Pillow 38×55  
Baby Quilt 70×80  
Junior Quilt 100×130  
Burp Cloths    
Burp Cloths 40×40  
Bath Sheet 100×150  
Bath Towel 70×40  
Face Towel 30×30  
Hooded Towel 80×80  
Bath Robes Length Chest (circumference)
Bath Robe 1-2 years 53 66
Bath Robe 2-4 years 59 70
Bath Robe 4-6 years 65 74
Inflatable Armbands One Size 2-18 kg
Swim Ring Small Ø45 Rec. age 1-3
Swim Ring Large Ø120 Rec. age 15+ Max 80 kg
Changing Mat Cover    
SE Changing Mat cover 50×70  
US Changing Mat cover 81×41×12  
Change To Go    
Change To Go 45×65  
Spoon 2.5×16  
Teethers 13×8  
Picture Book 15×18.2×2.5  
Bed pocket 40×17  

Please Note! All sizes can vary slightly – this is generally not seen as a fault in the product.

However, if the size of your product vary to the extent that it is considered non-usable this is probably a production error and a valid reason for reclamation and exchange for a new product or refund.

If you have a problem with your product don’t hesitate to contact our customer support!

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