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Bedding sizes

Our Bed Sets
  • Baby

    This is our smallest size and its perfect for cradles, bassinets and prams.
  • Junior

    The size available for standard cribs and small children's' beds.
  • Single

    If you or your child have a single bed, a twin bed or if you use two single duvets for your double bed.
  • SE, DK, EU, DE and GL

    We have variations of most of our sizes tailored for different locations or markets.
  • Find the measurements on the product page

    All products have a Size guide in the description where you can find the sizes and measurments for that style.
  • Measure to make sure!

    If you are uncertain of what size to buy - the easiest way to know is to measure what you already have, the mattress, the duvet or the pillow.
Bed Sets Baby Duvet cover Pillowcase
SE 70×80 28×35
DK 70×100 40×45
Bed Sets Junior Duvet cover Pillowcase
SE 100×130 35×55
DK 100×140 40×45
EU 100×140 40×60
DE 100×135 40×60
Bed Sets Single Duvet cover Pillowcase
SE 150×210 50×60
EU 140×200 50×70
DK 140×200 60×63
DE 135×200 80×80
Additional bedding
  • Sleeping Bag

    A great option to blankets for active sleepers.
  • Crib Bumper

    Soft protection that fit most standard cribs.
  • Fitted Sheet Junior

    A fitted sheet for standard cribs and small children's' beds.
  • Pillowcase

    Get that luxurious bed feeling with our additional pillowcases.
  • Duvet Cover Double

    Our option for double duvets, style with separate pillowcases.
  • Fitted Sheet Single & Double

    The fitted sheet for single beds or double beds.
Sleeping Bag Age
Sleeping Bag 70x33x35 0-9 months


Crib Bumper
Standard 360x30x1.5
Light 360x30x0.7


Fitted Sheet Junior
SE 60x120x20
EU 70x140x20
GL 70x160x20
Duvet Cover Double
SE 220×220
EU 220×240
SE 50×60
EU 50×70
GL 50×90
Fitted Sheet Single
90 90x200x30
Fitted Sheet Double
140 140x200x30
160 160x200x30
180 180x200x30

Find all products and measurements in our global Size guide

Here you can find a table of all our products with all their measurements so that you can easily see if there is any size available for your need.

Size guide