About Garbo & Friends

An evolving brand


Garbo&Friends is a poetic universe originally created for the little ones in the family. We want to create products that are beautiful, sustainable and inspirational. Products that stands the test of time, both in terms of style and quality, essentially enabling our products to be handed forward to a new generation. To use and re-use, that would be our best sustainability advice.


We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and were founded in 2012 by illustrator and designer Susann Karlsson Nemirovsky. Each product has a lot of thought put into it, patterns are hand drawn, colors and details are carefully chosen to create the DNA that has become a Garbo&Friends product.

As part of our sustainability goals, we keep most of our productions in Europe, partially due to the closeness to our suppliers and the transparency of our productions. It is important for us that the wonderful and skilled people that makes our products have rights to maternity leave, sick leave as well as good wages and a good workplace environment.

We value the human hands that with knowledge and skill, physically make the products that we are so very proud of.


All of our textiles, woven, knitted and jersey are made in Portugal, a country with a long textile tradition, mounds of knowledge and craftsmanship. Our teethers are made in Germany, strict about rules and legislations, which we love when it comes to this type of technical product! The wood and leather is sourced within 300 km from the suppliers factory and colors/ dyes are water based and of course non toxic.

Hard plastic, such as our spoons, we produce in Sweden where we are very close to the production and the knowledge of our supplier. We are aware that plastic is a controversial material, but when it makes a product that will last for a very very long time and used over and over again, we have yet to find a material that works as well as this one does.

Our floats and pools we produce in China and the supplier we work with is world leading in this type of product that need a lot of security and safety measures. The supplier is vetted and selected by our production-agent in Sweden, that have over 30 years of experience in this field and has sustainability as their niche. Our floats are independently tested by Garbo&Friends and approved by the testing laboratory in accordance to EN13138-1, ISO 8124-1:2018, EN71-3 and EN71-8.

If you are curious to read more about Garbo&Friends standpoints on sustainability, go to our Sustainability Page

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