Due to the current COVID-19 situation we will have to ask all customers to please make sure that your order will be deliverable BEFORE you place your order.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retailer in my country?

Under LOCATE STORE you can find all our active retailers!

I can not find my order confirmation, why have I not gotten any?

Sometimes order confirmations can get stuck in your inbox spam filter. Please check the spam/junk folder. If not, you might have filled in an incorrect email address. A missing order confirmation can also mean that there is an issue with your order in our system. Please contact us at customer@garboandfriends.com, and we will help you!


When will your next collection be launched?

By subscribing to our newsletter you can make sure to be one of the first to know all our launches and sales!

How can I find out when an item will be restocked?

Right now we do not offer any Stock-tracking for products, but you can always email us at customer@garboandfriends.com and ask us personally!

Which size of bedding should I buy for my bed?

If you are uncertain if we have bedding that fit your bed you can look at the size guide that is available on all products! The measurements are the size of the product not the size of the bed or mattress they fit.

I have reached out to you on social media but haven’t gotten any answer, how do I best contact you?

We answer emails at customer@garboandfriends.com every weekday, this is the best way to contact us!

I want to collaborate with you, how do I get in touch?

For any collaboration or press questions you can reach us at press@garboandfriends.com where the marketing staff will handle your request!

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