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Meet Emily

We have recently met up with photographer and influencer Emily Slotte to talk about her thoughts on the home, the importance of textiles and her favourite Garbo pattern.

Hello Emily thank you for sharing your thought with our subscribers. You often mention fabric and textiles as central part of interior decoration, why is it so important?

For me it is super important with textiles in my home, it makes everything more homey and gives a really inviting feeling that I want my home to have. I love making my bed with a crisp bedding that feel lusciously fluffy, and to decorate my couch with soft cushions and curtains that frame the room. My tip for anyone that wants to redecorate at home will always be – Start with the soft elements.

By adding bedding, blankets, cushions, carpets and curtains to any space, it instantly becomes a room. This is something I like to explore not only in my home but also in my garden. It can be something temporary like a picnic blanket on a cosy spot surrounded by bushes or perhaps a pillow fort on the patio.

You mention bedding as an important part, why?

When it comes to bedding I am very particular with how the bedding should feel, my dream bedding is soft and airy, but with a crisp to the touch. I love when you can get up and just shake the duvet in the morning and instantly achieve a perfectly made bed. And since we spend so many hours in bed I think that not investing in a couple of nice bed sets that you love feel down right stupid in my mind.

I think it is important as a human to discover what makes you feel good and allow oneself to give in a bit.

While we are on this topic, we would love to have your opinion of our bed sets, is there any Garbo&Friends bedding that you love?

Well, your Botany print, and especially the duvet cover for double beds, happens to be exactly what I want in my bedroom at the moment. I love the fact that you are starting to focus a bit more on bed sets for adults, and I cannot wait to see more.

I have always been a bit envious on my children’s beautiful beds and how I could mix patterns and textures to create a dreamy atmosphere for them. Now I feel that I can make my own bed as beautiful.

Personally I love the look of muslin and I usually add a few pillowcases to my bed just to get that nice mix of texture.

Thank you so much for talking to us today! To round off we would love to know, what it it that you look forward to most now when spring is here and summer is around the corner?

Oh, for me getting the garden ready is the most important thing this time of year. I have been waiting for the temperature to rise so that I can finally plant all the flowers I have nursed up inside out in my garden! I am a huge fan of Dahlias and my house has been full to the brim with Dahlia roots these cold months. I can’t wait for the first flower to bloom!