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Kuling Summer Sneaker
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Kuling Summer Sneaker
Kuling Summer Sneaker
Kuling Summer Sneaker

Kuling Summer Sneaker

Friends of Garbo
41.60 EUR
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The Kuling x Garbo&Friends collection offers a blooming collaboration with Swedish kids brand Kuling. The collection consists of 22 pieces split up in two drops, all created around two original patterns; Buttercup and Poire, drawn by our founder Susann Karlsson Nemirovsky.

Parts of the collection are made from recycled material, such as the lining fabric in all shell wear and polyester in all rainwear and swimwear.

These are the measurements of the selected product, to see all available products and measurements, go to our Size Guide.

22 EU 6 13½-14
23 EU 6 6½-7 14-14½
24 EU 7 7½-8 15
25 EU 8-9 16
26 EU 16½
27 EU 9 9½-10 16½-17
28 EU 10 10½-11 17½
29 EU 10½-11 11½-12 18
30 EU 11½ 12½ 18
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