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December 8th

Spoons full of holiday spirit – One free spoon in every order

Christmas is in most cultures a food holiday, and for many this part is even more important than presents and decorations. Today we have a special gift for those who want to share that magical food tradition with their little ones by giving away 1 silverware inspired baby spoon with each order. The spoons are made from BPA free plastic and has a slight S curve to make spoon feeding easier and more enjoyable.

Christmas Porridge

In Sweden the Christmas porridge is an important part of holiday food. All families have different traditions of when to eat porridge, but historically it was customary to place a plate of porridge outside for the gårdstomte, an elf or gnome that was said to live on your farm and help with chores and good fortune.

If you did not leave him the porridge, there was a good chance you would get on his bad side and be subject to mischievous acts and vandalism. In a time where the yield of your farm and the health of your animals were dependent on mythical powers many plates of porridge were left outside at Christmas.

Today this rice based porridge is a warm and sweet addition to the holiday food, and often enjoyed with butter, cinnamon and milk. As a fun game you can put an almond into the porridge, and the one who gets it will have to tell a Christmas rhyme.

How to make it

1½ dl short grained rice
3 dl water
2 pinches of salt
1 table spoon butter*
1 table spoon sugar
7 dl milk*
1 piece whole cinnamon
+ 1 peeled almond for the game

Boil the rice in Water, Salt, Butter and Sugar for about 10 minutes on low heat

Add the Milk and Cinnamon and stirr before boiling for 40 minutes on very low heat with a lid

Make sure to check frequently and stirr so that it doesn't burn

Serve with cold milk, sugar and grounded cinnamon (and an almond)

*All milk based products can be switched to plant based for a vegan porridge