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December 7th

Tiny hats for tiny heroes? Who dropped this?

Elves comes in different size and shapes, or at least they do in the realm of traditional Swedish holiday decoration. Although always small, they come in the range of teeny and tiny, they bring a wonderful magic with them, especially for little ones that wonder where their gifts come from.

Today we want to share that magic with you through this easy and fun holiday craft, that is perfect to do together. Use them to decorate your Christmans tree, or why not hide them around the house for your children to find traces of tiny visitors.

All you need is a ball of yarn, a toilet paper roll and a pair of scissors. We have used a thick wool yarn.

How to make them

Cut the toilet paper roll in rings of about 1-2 centimeters

Cut 20 centimeter strands of the yarn, start with a few and cut more as you go along

The amount of strands needed vary depending on the thickness of the tread and the size of the ring

Fold the strand in half and wrap the loose edges around the ring and through the looped end

Repeat until the brim is covered, make sure to pack the threads close

Gather the loose edges 1-2 centimeters above the brim and tie with another strand

Voilà, a tiny hat is made! Trim the fluff on top of the hat for a clean look


Preparing the rings and different colored strands and then introducing the craft is a great way to let your little ones use their creativity and create a customized hat design! And the best thing for color conscious parents – it is up to you what colors are available. You can also decorate the strands with beads or fabric glitter for even more fabulous creations.