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December 2nd

The Scent of Christmas

The holiday spirit about to kick in and what is more cozy than filling your home with fragrant orange garlands? Start of the season of baking and crafting with this easy craft to set the tone. It is something you can easily make together with your children, all you need is a bunch of oranges.

These garlands with dried orange slices fits perfect in the Christmas tree or as a wall decoration, and stands as a warm reminder of Christmas wherever you are. We advice that you use Organic oranges to make sure that the fumes from drying is safe to enjoy.

How to make them

Depending on how long you would like the garland to be, the amount of oranges depends

Turn your oven on at low heat (50-75°C) while you wash the oranges, make sure to remove any stickers

Cut the oranges in thin slices (approx. 7 mm) and place on a oven rack with a baking sheet

Dry in low heat with convection on for a faster result, leave the oven door slightly open to let the steam out

Keep an eye on the oranges, as the drying time can vary from oven to oven, but they should be dry in about 2-4 hours

When the orange slices are all dried up, place them on a string or ribbon of your choice


By hanging the oranges in thin sewing thread or clear fishing line you can make them practically look like they’re floating in the air. Hang them together with a popcorn garland for contrast. If kept in a dry environment these decorations can be reused for the next year.