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December 14th

Christmas decorations

We can’t get enough of stars this time of year, and we love the idea of making them on our own by recycling old textiles. Today we wanted to show you how to make a beautiful Danish star. This folded ornament is perfect for hanging in your Christmas tree or using as a cute table decoration, and you can make it in just about any size you want!

We’ve gone with just one fabric per star, but traditionally they are made with at least two colors so this is a perfect opportunity to mix and match. The instruction may sound a bit complicated, but if you watch the video you will see that it is indeed a fun and easy decoration to make!

Fold a Danish Star

All you need is some fabric, a pair of scissors and a piece of string if you want it to be a hanging decoration. If you want your star to be as crisp as possible, make sure to tighten and iron after each step to help hold the shape.

1. Cut out four strips of fabric, for the star you can see in the video below we used strips of 8x30 cm so the ratio should be approximately 1:4 between the width and length.

2. Fold each strip in half and fold each half towards the middle. 

3. Arrange the strips in a # shape where all strips are above and underneath another. 

4. Start by folding one strip back over the middle and continue with the rests, the last strip should be weaved under the first strip. Use the scissors to push it through if needed.

5. To make the points you fold the loose strip outwards from the one next to it and pinch it down in a triangle shape. Then you fold it again next to that triangle and fold both triangles towards each other. 

6. Trim the strip so that you have enough to tuck into the middle of the star, and push it in. Repeat for all loose strips.