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December 13th

A Sicilian Saint in Sweden

On December 13th swedes celebrates Lucia, a holiday based on the tales of the Sicilian saint Lucia. Traditionally a Luciatåg is held where a Lucia, dressed in white with a crown of candles, leads a group of performers through the city while singing traditional Lucia songs.

The walk usually ends up in a church where more songs are sung and poems are read. This tradition can be seen in most Swedish cities where a Lucia is elected through voting, but also in many schools and kindergartens where more unconventional characters like gingerbread men and elves can be seen.

A Lucia Celebration most likely ends with a fika, where glögg, lussekatter and gingerbread is served.

Old traditions, new expressions

At a luciatåg there are usually three roles, Lucia, Tärnor och Stjärngossar, all wearing the same white dress. The tärnor (bridesmaids) are typically girls with glitter or garlands in their hair that each hold one candle in their hands. The stjärngossar (star boys) are typically boys with white cones on their heads decorated with stars holding a stick with a star on top.

As the tradition is changing, more characters and interpretations arise, and now it is not unusual to see a male Lucia and female star boys. Why not make a star boy cone from some left over wallpaper, it is both environmentally friendly and beautiful. All you have to do is to cut out a triangular shape and roll it up. Get creative and host you own performance with fika this december 13th.