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December 10th

Pretty present(ation)s

A huge part of Christmas presents is the wrapping, and today we wanted to share some of our favorite wrapping ideas for beautiful gifts.

Different materials, textures and shapes is a great way to create interesting wrappings that shine under the Christmas tree. And this is the moment to let you fantasy flow freely and reuse, repurpose and experiment.

Bed set bag or Gift bag?

All our percale Bed sets come in a cute matching bag. What to do with it is fully up to you, but why not use them as a gift bag, for easy and fast gift wrapping!

Old and useless? No way!

We've all been there, with a duvet cover or sheet with a hole or a stain that stops you from using it. Or maybe your baby have grown out of their baby bedding and moved on to bigger things.

Reusing old textiles as gift wrap is a fun and environmentally friendly way to get beautiful gifts without buying anything new. Cut them up and wrap up your present, or sew into ribbons for bows and other decorative elements to spruce up your gifts.