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If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed the vibrant images of @mariametsaranta. Located in western Finland Maria captures the magic of life in the north. To celebrate the launch of our Hôtel collection we took the liberty to ask her about her artistry and her thoughts on the collection.

This is a short conversation we had with the lovely Maria about her love for rusty colours and nature.

Hello Maria, we truly adore your style and the warm feeling in your feed, you are a true natural when it comes to creating a universe we just want to jump right into. Tell us a little bit more about yourself, who is Maria and what is the story behind your Instagram page?

I am a 31-year old mother of two (soon three), living with my family in a small town by the Baltic sea in Finland. I am a tea drinking nature lover who gets really excited about good books, home interior, crafting and pretty things.

When I was a stay-at-home mom with my daughter Ronja, I found a passion for capturing our everyday moments and posting pictures of our days and adventures on Instagram soon became a dear hobby of mine.

You told us that you you are expecting your third child, congratulations! Many of our subscribers are probably just about to start their journey to parenthood. Is there any advice that you, as a soon-to-be mother of three, would like to share with our first-time parents?

Oh thanks a lot, we are super excited! My best advice for first time parents is to really soak in those precious first baby months – a time that goes by way too fast and that you are never getting back. And to remember that you don’t have to be a super parent that gets everything right every single time.

Lovely that you mentioned it, I feel like it is so easy as a parent today to be really hard on yourself! Your advice to enjoy this short but sweet time in one’s life is really important. To make the early years as enjoyable as possible, do you have any baby items that you just can’t live without?

Well, there sure are lots of stuff that makes everyday life with a baby a whole lot easier. To name a few of the most important items: Pacifiers (lots of them), a ring sling, a baby pod, and of course stacks of burp cloths and swaddle blankets. For me a good stroller has also been very important as well, we wouldn’t have managed without it!

Today we are launching our Hôtel collection, a collection of terry items made in a wonderful soft and plush cotton with a luxurious hotel feel. When we made the collection, we were very careful when choosing the fabric. You received a little sneak peak of the collection, did we succeed?

You sure did! It really shows that you’ve put down time, effort and love into this collection, the whole family love how comfy and soft the fabric is, even after being washed.

When you received pictures of the Hôtel Collection your choice of colour where easy. Why?

It was as if you had read my mind, chosen my favourite colour, and made a whole collection with the loveliest products possible – it was love at first sight! So yes, I did not have to think twice which colour to choose.

That is the feeling we hope everyone will have! By choosing three distinctive colours we believe that there should be something for everybody. You say that you really enjoyed the products as well, is there any one in particular that has “hit home” so to speak?

It’s hard to pick only one favourite – my daughter is most excited about the cute little slippers and I have to admit they are the cutest thing! And I cannot wait to wrap our new-born in the baby hooded towel after the first baths!

That is so nice to hear! To see our items used and loved is really the best receipt we can get on our hard work. We cannot wait to see the little one all wrapped up and cosy either! It has been lovely speaking to you, to round of we would love to hear how you would describe the perfect Autumn day, I think we all need a bit of inspiration now when the darkness and cold is just around the corner!

My recipe for the perfect autumn day: Spend some time outdoors with your family in the crisp fresh air, before heading home for some hygge family time – lightning candles, drinking hot chocolate, heating the sauna, building a nest of soft bedding and quilts on the living room floor, reading books and just hanging out in comfy home-wear listening to the wind that blows outside in the dark.