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Meet Caroline Borg

This week we ventured home to Caroline Borg and takes the opportunity to talk to hear about her thoughts on interior decorating and the perfect cosy space.

Hello Caroline, I must say, we are just mesmerised by the images of your home. The balance between lived-in and styled makes it look so beautiful and cosy! What are your secrets?

Well, it is of course very personal what is considered to be cosy, but for me it means calm, harmony and a feeling of being embraced. I love neutral, warm and earthy tones on everything from walls to furniture and accessories, no bright, harsh colours that disturbs the mind.

There are so many things in my life that fights for my attention that I want to mute the impact of the interior surrounding me. For some this may sound super boring but I think it is possible to create interesting contrasts by working with shades of wood, black and white details, mixing soft fluffy textures with cold, sharp metal and rustic ceramics.

In general I think that the use of organic materials is a great start to create a cosy environment. Then add green plants, beloved yard sale treasures together with lush textiles and you have a great recipe for a cosy feeling.

Now that you mention it, it usually is the mix of different textures and materials that really finishes a great look, and this is definitely something that is always present in your images. How do you think when you choose textiles?

Even with textiles I prefer going with organic materials. My rugs are made by Jute and Sheep wool, and I have an enormous fluffy Flokati rug in my living room that frames the lounge area from the rest of the open plan space.

The same goes for pillows and curtains but there I usually go with linen and for my bedding I mix linen with cotton percale and the beautifully textured muslin from Garbo&Friends.

I usually make my bed with mostly solid coloured bedding and then add a bit of accent with prints in the shape of a pillowcase or blanket. Some of my favourite combinations are Olive Muslin together with the dainty Bluebell pattern, or Eggshell in combination with Blackberry or the more contrasting Floral Moss, both combinations I think create a beautiful and dreamy bed.

Now when we spend most of our time at home due to the current pandemic – do you have any concrete advice on how to create a feeling of comfort at home during this dark time of the year?

My home is like my sixth family member (counting the cat of course) and this fall I have realized how important it is for me to feel harmonious when I am at home. To feel that the furnishing is “done” in a sense even though it will always be a work in progress. I feel that everyone should take some time to think and figure out what it is in their home and environment, that brings them a sense of joy and calm.

Anything that in any way disturbs your inner sense of balance, that is not needed or that you do not like – sell it or give it away! In these times you also have couch time to browse all the online marketplaces in search for that particular detail or piece of furniture that you feel is really you.

A great thing about buying second hand (that I am a big fan of) is not only being kind to the environment, but also that you can buy and sell for pretty much the same price – so the stakes are not as high as when investing in new furniture.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Last but not least, do you have any additional advice for transforming a house into a home, and what do you yourself plan to do during the following dark months?

So happy for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you! Since you’re asking I actually have one more trick up my sleeve and that is to find the perfect signature scent for just your home, may it be newly baked bread (though baking every day can be a bit overkill) a specific scented candle or room fragrance. Place fragrance sticks in your hallway, scented candles on the coffee table and in the bathroom – all with your favourite scent, that way you will feel at home with all your senses.

And that is exactly what I’m going to do these following dark and cold winter months, and perhaps add some extra cosiness by baking cakes and pastries now and then.