Fauna Forest

Once upon a time there was a big lively forest where all the animals lived together in harmony… ​Well, that harmony just got a lot more harmonic!

Say hello to Fauna Forest, an updated classic where we’ve taken the best parts from our beloved Fauna pattern and refined them.

Fauna Forest, an updated classic

Fauna has become somewhat of a Garbo&Friends signature with its dark petroleum base, playful animals, and leafy structure. Originally launched in 2016 we now felt that it was time to make an updated version of the pattern, introduce some new animals, and adjust the shades, colours, and composition.

Fauna Forest features the same dark petroleum green colour that shades towards grey and is beautifully complemented by contrasting greens, rusty reds, and bright beige. Same as before - just a little bit better.

So what’s the difference?


Fauna Forest


In this reworked version of Fauna we have changed the composition to that the image continues in the same direction throughout the pattern.

The Fauna Forest has also welcomed many new playful animals that make the pattern more magical than ever, and a perfect place to fall in love with nature again.

Heavily inspired by historical wallpaper Fauna is a pattern that is mirrored across all axes where the animals see them self in a reflection just like one on the surface of a forest lake.

This makes the pattern beautiful from all angles but one some products it can also result in the animals being forever upside-down.