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Corporate Social Responsibility


Garbo&Friends takes pride in following socially responsible policies and aims to place the majority of the company’s production in Europe. Our company aims to be accountable for the labour conditions under which our products are produced, to companies we do business with, to consumers, and in general to the society that we are part of. We believe in human value, fair wages and living conditions. Attached you find our Code of Conduct containing a set of internationally accepted labour standards. We advocate them to be observed throughout the supply chain.
The Code of Conduct is the starting point of our vision to implement and work with important CSR questions. The CoC contains the basic requirements we demand from all our suppliers. If the CoC is not followed, the conditions must be improved by cooperation between Garbo&Friends and the supplier, as we aim for long term interdependent cooperation, provided that the manufacturer is prepared to implement effective improvements. We are confident that the Code of Conduct practices will work to the benefit of all stakeholders: your employees, your company, our company, our employees and our customers.

Employment shall be freely chosen

Forced labour shall not take part in any possible way (ILO Conventions 29 and 105).

No discrimination in employment

The employment relationship shall be based on the principle of equal opportunities. There will be no discrimination related to policies of employment termination, wage or employee promotion, regardless of race, nationality, gender, social origin, political views, union membership, religion or handicaps (ILO Conventions 100 and 111). Physical abuse, threats of physical abuse, unusual punishments or discipline, sexual and other harassment by the employer will not take place and shall be strictly prohibited.

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